You can either organize a workshop or retreat at Tadah, or attend one of the many intensive workshops on our calendar.

At workshops in Tadah we aim to provide intensive education with good teachers from all over the world. While enjoying community, fresh organic food from the garden or locals, participants will have the chance to improve their knowledge and practice with professionals in their field.

Also having an 7/24 open training spot surrounded with trees and a biological pool one can choose to spend free time training, jumping into the pool, drinking a coffee on the relaxing tree terrace, finding an isolated chilling spot in the garden or hanging out in the huge community area in the house.

We have 2 comfy dormitories in which 6 or 8 people can sleep and 3 private rooms. Our workshops are designed to be all-inclusive, which means participants if not spent on private needs will not spent a penny during the workshop period. Providing shuttles from the airport, 3 meals a day, coffee breaks,(but still access to an open kitchen for special needs) and depending on the workshop concept a day trip to beautiful spots nearby, we want the workshop participants to be free to concentrate fully on the workshop and relax in their free time.

For more details on the facilities available and specs of the studio check out our hire details site.

If you want to organize a workshop or retreat here at Tadah please contact us directly :

Aerial retreat by Paper Doll Militia 30th April to 17th May 2017

Hoop Intensive by Gail and Freyja 18th to 25th 2016

Poi Intensive by Nick Woolsey and Alien-Jon 27th to 03th Nov

Freedom in Movement Dance and Yoga retreat by Özgecan Tapa 10th to 16th Sept

Stepping into our bigger shoes – 02th to 06th Sept 2015

Hoop Intensive – 24th april to 08th May 2016

Dervish in Progress

Hoop Intensive – 17th -24th May 2015

Organic Juggling faces Dance – 14th to 18th Oct 2015

Flamenko Yaz Kampı