TaDAH has been a long term idea, a dream, a seed waiting for the right time to grow. Both having spent long years in big cities living as artists and performers, we had a deep urge to reconnect with Mother Earth, but still being able to dance and juggle.

Not even 1 year after we met, we found ourselves in this huge family heritage house on a hill with a big forest garden on the south coast of Turkey.

With FortuneĀ“s cozy arms around us, we soon discovered that nature and art are not contradictory. Indeed they seem to beautifully motivate and inspire one another. Anyhow there is a difference between a habitat for birds and one for artists (even though we eat the same fruits). For our new home to fulfil our needs as self-expressing-humans still one thing was missing. Observing one another training in the ever same and only flat spot in the garden we ended up building our huge glass house literally around us. Not waiting for it to get ready for the big day but instead putting life into it from the very first stone, our studio is the heart of TADAH.

We believe that, like a plant expresses its upcoming fruit with its flower, a human expresses themself through art. And again like a plant needs earth, water, sun and minerals to fulfil its growing process, an artist will bloom beautifully when the right conditions are provided.

With TADAH, we wanted to find an alternative to the old concept of artists living in big cities, getting inspiration from city life. So we started to create a home, a habitat for an artist who breathes fresh air, eats healthy food, gets vitamin D from sun while training and blooming their very own flower which will eventually become another fruit to feed the human soul.