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  • 24h. Open Training Hall
  • Natural Swimming Pool
  • Weekly Classes (Yoga, Hoop, Juggling etc.)
  • Organic Garden
  • Accommodation for up to 28 people
  • 7 Wooden bungalows with private bathroom (two beds each)
  • 2 Cosy dorms in the main House for 6 participants each, shared bathroom facilities
  • 2 Rooms; private double or twin beds /private bathroom
  • Fully catered
  • Laundry Facility
  • Sauna
  • Free wifi
  • Bikes to borrow for rides

Please contact us for prices :

We both would have wanted to come to a place like this, if we didn’t make it ourselves. Our concept is created upon an artist habitat, more than an ordinary hostel.

You can come, sleep in one of the dormitories or have a private room, train or use the training hall whenever you want. Make your own breakfast in the open kitchen and then enjoy delicious home made lunches and dinners provided as part of the residency.
You can decide either to come and have isolated time to work intensively on your act and train, or come and chill, walk in the forest, swim in the natural pool or observe the garden and get inspiration from the eternal weld of nature. Or do both.

One will realize how time expands and how many opportunities arise in a place like this. You may find yourselves doing things you have wanted to try out all your life. Writing a song, a poem, planting a tree, doing a new choreography, painting a squirrel you just saw.

It’s a good place to find out more about yourself, reconsider your aims and goals, and create space for the dreams and realities in your life.

*1 hour by car from Antalya Airport**20 min. by bike to Local Market***30 min. by bike to the sea

What’s available in the Studio:
– Juggling props (clubs rings and balls)
– Hula hoops
– Aerial yoga sling
– Olympic rings
– Aerial silks (1)
– Yoga mats
– Various foam rollers and balls
– Yoga blocks
– Resistance bands
– Battle-rope for cross fit exercises
– Balance pad
– Mats (please check on application we have enough for your needs)
– Skipping rope
– Handstand Balance Bars
– Manual leg stretcher

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