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  • 24h. Open Training Hall
  • Natural Swimming Pool
  • Organic Garden
  • 6-8 Dormitories
  • Private Rooms
  • Fully catered
  • Laundry Facility
  • Sauna
  • Free wifi
  • Bikes to borrow for rides

Please contact us for prices :

We both would have wanted to come to a place like this, if we didn’t make it ourselves. Our concept is created upon an artist habitat, more than an ordinary hostel.

You can come, sleep in one of the dormitories or have a private room, train or use the training hall whenever you want. Make your own breakfast in the open kitchen and then enjoy delicious home made lunches and dinners provided as part of the residency.
You can decide either to come and have isolated time to work intensively on your act and train, or come and chill, walk in the forest, swim in the natural pool or observe the garden and get inspiration from the eternal weld of nature. Or do both.

One will realise how time expands and how many opportunities arise in a place like this. You may find yourselves doing things you have wanted to try out all your life. Writing a song, a poem, planting a tree, doing a new choreography, painting a squirrel you just saw.

It’s a good place to find out more about yourself, reconsider your aims and goals, and create space for the dreams and realities in your life.

*1 hour by car from Antalya Airport**20 min. by bike to Local Market***30 min. by bike to the sea

What’s available in the Studio:
– Juggling props (clubs rings and balls)
– Hula hoops
– Aerial yoga sling
– Olympic rings
– Aerial silks (1)
– Yoga mats
– Various foam rollers and balls
– Yoga blocks
– Resistance bands
– Battle-rope for cross fit exercises
– Balance pad
– Mats (please check on application we have enough for your needs)
– Skipping rope
– Handstand Balance Bars
– Manual leg stretcher

Day in the life:

Past residents include Aerialists – Jugglers – Painters – Musicians – Manipulators – Hoopers – Spinners – Clowns – Dancers :

Marc and Stephanie at TADAH

Stephanie and Marc (alias Marc Freudenberg and Viola Freudenberg) rehearsing their club duo act at TADAH.As modern nomads steph and marc are travelling the world spreading joy with their performances. From mexican street shows and Australien birthday parties all the way to a syrien refugee circus project, they have been living the dream of many within the last years.Filming and editing by Jeremy Luis. Check out his fb page Finding Future more visual input.All the best on your way friends, big hug t&D //

Gepostet von TADAH Artist Habitat am Freitag, 11. November 2016

TADAH´s first Birthday – Artists @ TADAH

Today it´s the first Birthday of TADAH!!! YEAHHHOn the 17th May 2015 TADAH was opening it´s doors for the first time. Ever since than – right in front of our eyes – we have been seeing our dream come true!THANKS SO MUCH for this seemingly endless stream of creativity, inspiration and support. Starting with our wonderful Parents we are grateful for every human soul who´s way or mind has crossed our Artist Habitat so far. It´s very shape is the sum of our traces. Stefan Sing, Emma Kenna, Felix Haberscheidt, Cristiana Casadio, Zuska Drobna, Satya Bella, Lisa Meow Lottie, Namer Golan, Özgür Kavurmacıoğlu, Brecken Rivara, Samin Prem Safalya Gheys, Oli Pinchbeck, Nikolas Stocker, Aziza Bouizedkane, Vincent Mangaud, Fíne Mâri Seufzer, Anouk VanLawsonhove You Guys are amzing, thank you so much for feeding TADAH with your Energy ;)TADAH – An Artist Habitat – More than just a retreat centre, a home away from home for artists. A unique space for exploration and collaboration. Hire TADAH for your retreat: www.hire.tadah.euJoin us for the next Event : www.hoop.tadah.euPlan your Artist residency (groups and individuals): part of the TADAH Family as a volunteer:

Gepostet von TADAH Artist Habitat am Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016

Samin @ TADAH

TADAH is now proud owner of an original painting of Samin Gheys.If somebody wants to steal it of us they have to carve it out of a massive steal-concrete wall in the Garden.Painting and singing a poem of the amazing Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî, Samin is leaving the most beutiful traces not only in the Garden but also in our souls.

Gepostet von TADAH Artist Habitat am Donnerstag, 17. März 2016

Nick @ TADAH

Nick Woolsey doing his thing in this beautiful dawn spinning session at TADAH Artist Habitat.Internationally known for an amazing clarity, precision and creativity in his spinning, if you are interested in poi and the flow-arts at all, this video is an absolute must to watch.Thanks to Jeremy Lewis for all his work and patience behind the scenes, all credits for filming and editing go to him. Find out more about his work at his page Finding Future.If you are interested in making your own personal artist residency at TADAH or want to find out about any of our diverse workshops check out our website or send an email to info@tadah.euFor organizing workshops at TADAH yourself you can find lots of information on www.hire.tadah.euAll the best from Turkey, Till Rautert and Deniz Friese

Gepostet von TADAH Artist Habitat am Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2016

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