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The garden is our holy place. It nurtures us, it teaches us, it shelters us.

It is not only our home, it is also home to birds, squirrels, chickens, worms, bacteria and millions of diverse living species. We try to find ways to live in peace here together, without damaging the ecosystem, indeed trying to recover humankind’s bad treatments on earth.
We see permaculture as a holistic approach to make it possible for all living species to live in harmony. As Bill Mollison says,

‘Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system.’

Nearby the piece of land which TADAH exists we also have an other piece of land within walking distance called “Kabile”(which means tribe).  At Kabile we experiment in permaculture design and organic farming. We are more than happy to hear from people who would want to volunteer and be a part of our exciting journey in this area.

We will announce time timetables when we accept volunteers for certain permaculture projects. But still feel free to contact if you have desire to volunteer and work specifically with the permaculture side of TADAH.

Volunteers on this property will be usually accommodated in tents and while food is provided you will have to cook for yourself most of the time. There is a big open kitchen equipped with everything needed; fridge, stoves, fresh water kitchen equipment etc.

It is important to note that this experience is very different to the one at the main area of Tadah. At Tadah we have a lot of work with running the workshops and the whole thing has a much more “civilised” approach.  From Flush-toilets to the massive studio the equation of cultural production to sustainability leans clearly to the the side of art&culture. In contrast, those working and living in Kabile are aiming to achieve a truly sustainable mini-eco-community. The long term target is to utilise the land to the fullest, achieving a negative carbon footprint at one point, thus balancing our work in total.

In the making are projects of alternative housing, growing and living. At the moment the main focus lies on planting ever growing quantities of organic food, building up a little permaculture farm there and thus enabling us to gradually reduce the dependence on externally produced food.

If you are keen for an authentic outdoor permaculture experience and your priorities lay in nature and farming rather than artistic performance then this is the right thing for you.

*Please follow our calendar and our facebook page for our Volunteer Calls and contact us for more details and time schedules