Volunteers at TADAH work a few hours a day in exchange for food, accommodation and access to the amazing TADAH facilities (training studio, pool, sauna, etc)

Minimum volunteer period is 1 month

If you are looking for permaculture volunteering with TADAH (with no need for the artist training facilities) please see the permaculture pageĀ 

🌻 10th August – 15th of October

We are looking for energetic volunteers who want to join our team!

⭐️ Please apply only if one of these periods suits you.

Also please consider that this volunteering spots at TADAH will be FULL TIME VOLUNTEERING, which means:
– 5,5 hours work per day (spread in a day) – (cooking 🍲, cleaning 🧹🧼, watering the garden💦, keeping the space alive 🌈)
– 1 day off a week
– Full accommodation, food and all facilities at TADAH are free for the volunteers.
– Joining the classes will depend on the workshops – if there is space and if it is not coliding with the volunteer working programme.
🌟🌟❕❕Here at Tadah we are very careful that no one has to work more than his total volunteering hours. Thats why we prepare a very detailed weekly programme with all tasks and CLEANING is a big part of the volunteering tasks besides cooking, gardening etc. So if you are not comfortable with it, full volunteering would not be the right programme for you, please reconsider your application!

Please fill out our Volunteer Application Form which is on the link in our Bio!

There are three ways to volunteer at TADAH:

Workshop Season – Full Volunteering

10th August – 15th October

What we provide:
Full board: Accommodation and all Food
Access of all facilities when they’re not being used for the workshops
The equivalent of 1 day off a week but this will likely be 7-8 days on, 1-2 days off during the workshop season as you will be needed for the whole workshop.

What’s expected of you:
5.5hrs work a day:
– Helping the TADAH staff with pre and post event set up (eg. cleaning)
– Helping the kitchen staff during the event (eg. food preparation, table set up, pack down, morning set up)
– Miscellaneous tasks in the garden/house (eg. taking care of the chickens, watering the plants)

These positions are best suited to those that like to work hard, are high performance, can work efficiently and quickly, love being around lots of people and enjoy working in a team. It’s a very busy and vibrant time at TADAH.

Residency Season – Half Volunteering

1st Juni – 15 Aug and 1st Nov – 1th Apr

What we provide:
Access of all facilities
The equivalent of 1 day off a week.

What’s expected of you:
A small contribution to cover the cost of your food
The equivalent of 3hrs work a day that can be very varied:
– Helping in the house (eg. warming up and preparing food for dinner, cleaning)
– Helping in the garden (eg. taking care of the chickens, watering the plants, making/turing compost, picking olives, cutting/chopping plants, harvesting fruit/vegetables)
– TADAH maintenance/renovations (eg. inside/outside painting, cleaning the windows, sanding/revarnishing wooden surfaces)
– Helping with Social media/website (eg. editing videos, managing the instagram/facebook pages )

Please note that sometimes a full day of work will be needed where a task needs to be done within a time frame eg. olive picking for a full day then 3 days off. Flexibility is key in this role.

These positions are best suited to those that are happy to work hard and are flexible in the tasks they will carry out and their schedule. You should be happy to work alone.

At certain times there will be some preference given to applicants who have some gardening experience and are happy doing heavy lifting as some times in the year the work is more physical.

Please fill out the following form: