Organic Juggling faces Dance by Stefan Sing and Cristiana Casadio

     The Workshop is going to take place from 14th to 18th of October 2015.     Who has seen a piece of Stefan & Cristiana and hasn´t got sincerely touched by it? The organic juggling workshops of Stefan are known worldwide. As one of the pioneers in vitalizing the art of juggling, and more than 20 years experience in teaching, from beginners to professionals, everybody can take massive inspiration as well as technical progress out of this class. Cristianas modern Dance classes on the other hand, with her inclusive way of teaching had been attractive to artist of all kinds. Enhancing and discovering the potential for aestetic movement in all of us, her classes help to playfully overcome ones constraints. Now for the first time ever they are going to teach an intensive one-week Workshop side by side at TADAH, making this event not only a very challenging and intense learning experience but a possibility to overthink and potentially redirect your Focus on juggling in generell. Of course you will have the option to use our super cheap Artist hostel after the workshop, to digest all the input and use the time for some individual practice with the others who stayed.

The 5 Day Workshop is 450€ All Inclusive. We do all we can to make it as affordable as possible for you! Now, what do you get when you do the Organic Juggling faces Dance at TADAH?

– Note that all of the following is included in the price! –

Firstly you won´t get lost. We gonna pick you up from the airport on the 14. and get you back there at the 19. with shuttle busses. It is like an one hour drive.
This is no unneeded luxury, but practically the only way to get to our place. There is no public transportation system from the airport nor does TADAH have a regular adress 😉 so please understand that we have included transportation in the price.
(Because the busses will pick up arround 4 of you at a time, you might have to wait a few hours at the airport, sorry for that.)

The Workshop days are from the 14. to the 18. then.

Our 105m² Gym with super high ceiling (7,5m)  is open 24h a day!

We provide 3 vergetarien meals of local organic Food (if possible) a day, aswell as an 24h open kitchen where u can get urself some snacks, fruits, juices etc.
If you are veagen please let us now when you make your reservation for the workshop.

For Accomodation we got two Dormitories with 6 and 8 beds. A big living room provides enough space to use the WIFI, read, chat or just chill out.

Feel free to explore our 5000m² permacultural Garden. Is loves to shelter all living beings. Go and find our niche. 🙂

Icy water from the well into the pool – best refreshment after class-

At one of the evenings we plan on going for a walk to another property of us (which is under permacultural construction aswell). The big natural pool there holds not only quite hot water but also loads of those tickely little fish that eat dead parts of ur skin. Perfect place to make a barbecue chill out and Jam.

So much for the plans, let´s see what Fortuna says about this. In any case we are realy exited to go on this journey together with you.

Not included in the price are private purchases of course. But also keep in mind that there will be barely any possibilities to purchase anything apart from maybe a chicken from the neighbouring farmer ;).

So even though we will offer to go shopping for your special needs, don´t forget your toothbrush;)

You see the point? Once here you basically don´t spent anything!

Much love Deniz and Till

To make your reservation for the workshop please contact us at info(at) and we will send you the payment information.